Opposition presidential candidates in Somalia have said they will not take part in the ongoing elections citing lack of transparency and ‘naked’ robbery.’

The 15 member council said in a statement they had lost faith in the process noting the electoral bodies had failed to deliver a credible poll and instead work at the behest of the Federal Government and Federal Member State presidents.

The opposition leaders raised concerns over the lack of coordination between the Federal Indirect Elections Team (FIET) and the State Indirect Elections Team (SIET).Noting that the current situation risks driving the country into ‘political chaos, instability and insecurity,’ the CPC said it will consult with various sections of the society to ‘find a national solution to the country’s threat to stability, governance and national unity.’

The two differed last week over a seat in which the former Lower House speaker Mohamed Jawari had allegedly been blocked for contesting in.

While the FIET ordered a suspension pending a deliberation of the matter, the SIET in Baidoa went ahead with the vote to fill the vacancy.


The CPC statement comes a day after it held talks with prime minister Mohamed Roble.

Source: Hiiraan Online


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