On May 15, 2022, Somalia’s parliament will pick the country’s next president in a joint session. Public voters will have no say so in the matter. Only MPs who were themselves picked by a roomful of tribal groups, universal suffrage still being alien to Somalians in the Avizione election tent or out there on the outside.

Over thirty contestants have thus far registered for the selection.

The last to have certified ahead today is the incumbent president, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo, whose mandated term has ended some 14 months ago.

Among the registrants is Fowzia Yussuf Haji Adan – the only female candidate among the lot. She hails from Somaliland which does not recognize what it sees as an internationally institutionalized parody of democracy in Mogadishu.

Fawzia or others who have turned their backs on their home country to cast their lot – more often than not economically inspired – with Mogadishu hold no sway in Somaliland. They, according to Somalilanders, represent none other than themselves.

The Republic of Somaliland – unlike Somalia – had been running an enviable, ultra democratic government of its own for the past three decades holding more than 8 1Person-1Vote elections.

Among those who have registered for the Presidency run are former presidents Sharif Ahmed and Hassan Sheikh as well as former Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khairre. Among them are also formidable politicians and ex-ministers including Abdirahman Abdishakkur.

According to media sources, the following have been given the go-ahead by the committee organizing the election besides President Farmaajo:

Shariif Sheekh Axmed, Daahir Maxamuud Geelle, Xasan Cali Kheyre, Cabdulqaadir Cosoble Cali, Bashiir Xaaji Cali (Jamaal), Cabdullaahi Cali Xasan, Cabdinuur Sheekh Maxamed, Cabdiraxmaan Cabdishakuur Warsame, Cabdikariim Xuseen Guuleed, Cabdiraxmaan Macallin Axmed Ablaal, Jibril Ibrahim Cabdulle, Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud, Dr. Saciid Ciise Maxamuud, Cabdiraxmaan Maxamed Cabdi, Axmed Ducaale Geelle Xaaf, Mahad Axmed Diiriye, Muqtaar Maxamed Sayid, Cabdiraxmaan Maxamed Cabdi, Jamaal Axmed Ibraahim, Maxamuud Daahir Aweys, Ridwaan Xirsi Maxamed, Cumar Cabdulqaadir Axmed Fiq, Nucmaan Shiekh Cumar, Muqtaar Maxamed Sayid, Maxamed Cabdullaahi Farmaajo and Fowsiya Yuusuf Xaaji Adam.


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