Saturday, October 16, 2021

Somali-Canadian’s death sparks call to end gun violence in community

'There's a crisis, a state of emergency right now,' says member of an Ontario-based campaign.At the end of his latest video, rapper and poet...

Tributes to Somali composer Ali Sugule Egal who dies aged 80

Tributes are being paid to legendary Somali composer, playwright, actor and poet Ali Sugule Egal, who has died at the age of 80. Mr Egal, who founded the Ha

The end of a storybook romance – Somalia-born Iman and David Bowie

“You would think that a rock star being married to a super-model would be one of the greatest things in the world. It is” - Bowie Iman and David Bowie at Ha

Somali Rapper K’Naan to direct new HBO series about jihadi recruitment

The Somali-Canadian rapper will write and direct the dramatic series, "The Recruiters" while Bigelow and former HBO president Carolyn Strauss will be executive producers. Minnesota...

Somaliland:Stars of the Horn at Colston Hall

SOMALI stars left crowds mesmerized after a performance at Colston Hall. After travelling all the way from Somaliland and Djibouti, they arrived at The Lantern...

Somaliland: The movies where police join in as extras

A group of film-makers and stuntmen is hoping to turn the breakaway territory of Somaliland into the next Hollywood. Undeterred by a shortage of...

Somaliland band arrested for Mogadishu gig – BBC Programme

  Why a flag got the Horn Stars into trouble in Somaliland 2 October 2015 Duration: 7 minutes

Australia Warns Chris Brown He May Be Refused Entry Into Country

Chris Brown's plans to tour Down Under were in jeopardy on Sunday after the Australian government formally warned the troubled R&B singer that he...

Somaliland: An Experiment In Democracy

Feature length documentary looking at the trials and tribulations of holding elections in Somaliland Premise Somaliland is an anomaly for political commentators the world over. Left...