Sunday, January 19, 2020
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Ahmed Karaash.

Somalia: President Deni Sidelines VP Karaash Curtailing His Powers

Rumours are surfacing that the flamboyant, ex-career army officer of Somalia, Ahmed Elmi Osman 'Karaash', currently serving as the Vice President of the Federal...

Somaliland: Ambassador Fender Sees Wide Support for VMC Proposals

Ambassador Ben Fender of the United Kingdom to Somalia and Somaliland, concluding a visit to the Republic of Somaliland, expressed hope that support for...

Somalia: Al Shabaab Keeps up Pressure in Bold Raids on UN-Backed Villa Somalia Government

The militant Qaeda-linked group, Al Shabaab, keeping up the pressure on the weak, UN-backed federal government at Villa Somalia attacked Afgooye on Friday evening,...