Somalia has again taken up verbal war against Somaliland and its quest for international recognition still blinded by the belief that it can recapture the de facto republic with words – and arms if necessary.

The latest barrage followed a Twitter message which Chatham House Africa published, following the CORD leader’s speech at the renowned, international think-tank institution on democracy in Africa on July 29.

Mr. Odinga spoke, evocatively, of Somaliland’s quest for international recognition, recalling his intimate knowledge of the history and political track of Somaliland and its people.

The former PM said he supported Somaliland in its quest for a re-asserted independence – an independence it preceded Kenya by 3 years from the same ruler – Great Britain. Somaliland, however, was a protectorate.

Typically, Odinga’s statement raised the hackles of a nation that Mr. Odinga’s compatriots had lost lives for in order to prop up and defend it against a stronger, more motivated Al-Shabaab insurgents.

Blind leads the seeing

Conveniently forgetting that (a) Somaliland was an equal partner in the 1960 union between the British Protectorate and the Italian Somalia, and (b) that Somaliland had built all mechanisms of a full state, had basked in peace and stability since 1991 after it restored its independence, Somalia ‘politicians’ and media let fly their pent up envy, venom against Somaliland and Mr. Odinga.

The Somalia Embassy in Nairobi irresponsibly insults the Kenyan leader and statesman calling his statement ‘irresponsible’.

Others follow suit.

This one revived the Greater Somalia dream of Siyad Barre and his elk, wilfully wishing a civil war for Kenya in 2017.

Somaliland compatriots respond

Somalilanders and Somaliland supporters were quick to defend Mr. Odinga and his democratically aired views.

Nick Branson, a Senior Researcher at ; PhD candidate at , tweeted that he, hismself, was a strong supporter of Somaliland sovereignty.





  1. What sovereignty he talking about this ignorance ambassador Somaliland was independent country before Somalia get independent so I’m saying to him forget Somaliland make