Somaliland COVID-19 Update for May 25


Thirty-five new coronavirus cases have been discovered in Somaliland within the past twenty-four hours.

According to a statement read out by the Director-General of the Ministry of Health Development, Dr Mohamed Abdi Hergeye, Monday, the total number of positive-tested cases in Somaliland stands at 203 to date.

Dr Hergeye revealed that a 35-year old female patient has succumbed to the illness, bringing the total number of deaths registered to 15. Nineteen people are known to have fully recovered of the disease since its outbreak late last year.

Of the new cases, 21 are male and 14 female.

Geographically, 14 lived in Borama of Awdal region, 8 each in Hargeisa of Marodijeh and Burao of Togdheer, and two each in Las Anod, Sool, and Berbera, Sahel, while 1 lived in Allaybaday of Gabilay.

Agewise, the afflicted fell into below-copied brackets, according to the Ministry statement:

            • 10-19 yrs   2 persons
            • 20-29 yrs   14 persons
            • 30-39 yrs    7 persons
            • 40-49 yrs    4 persons
            • 50-59 yrs    2 persons
            • 60-69 yrs    3 persons
            • 70-79 yrs    2 persons
            • 80-89 yrs    1 person

Closer to home, total cases identified and deaths recorded, stand, respectively, as follows in the region:

            • Somalia  1689/66
            • Djibouti  2468/14
            • Ethiopia  655/5
            • Kenya    1286/52
            • Eritrea     39/0

Globally, 5,542,074 positive cases had been recorded of whom 2,873,030 are still active, 2,321,661 recovered while another 347,383 have lost the fight to the illness.


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