Chevening Program Trains Leaders of Tomorrow – UK Representative in Somaliland Republic


The Chevening Scholarships took on 7 winners from the Republic of Somaliland last year and are sending more women than men – the first time since 2009 – this year, says Stuart Brown the Head of the United Kingdom’s Representative Office in Hargeisa, the Republic of Somaliland.

Mr Brown says there are no limits or limitations to what a scholar can do with the skills gained, areas of study, or selection of candidates. Gender or age made no difference with the Chevening selection either.

Mr Brown said application were open to aspirants.

Chevening scholars, it has been known, have become leaders of their countries, scientists, great scholars, distinguished journalists, architects and diplomats

Mr Brown made a pleasantly surprising announcement during this interview with a Somaliland television station – the CBA (The Voice of East Africa). He said anybody watching in the program who had what it took to earn the scholarship could apply regardless of where he or she was in the region.

Here is the full interview (Please skip the advert interlude if you need to continue with the interview without interruption):


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