Letter to Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper

Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper

I have written to you before pleading with your government to look into recognizing Somaliland, a small, peaceful and democratic state in the horn of Africa region which as we all know plagued with chaos and terrorists and pirates. I was waiting to see if Canada will change it’s mind and send at least a fact finding mission to find it out for itself what the situation on the ground is. Unfortunately this has not happened and as a result this is my last plea and I will not I will not bother you with any more letters

I and my other Somalilanders in Canada are disappointed and flabbergasted at the stand of your government on this issue. Let me remind you honorable prime minster there is a sizeable population of Somaliland Canadians in Canada from Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver and trust me they do vote and there is a new generation of them who are not voting age yet but they will be soon. Their parents are currently working in Somaliland in the civil service, NGOS and some have started their own business in Somaliland.

Let me inform you honorable prime minister as we speak Somaliland and Somalia is in talks to finalize the official succession from Somalia. I can grantee you it will not be long before you see an independent, peaceful and democratic Somaliland state. Then Canada will not have a choice but to recognize it and we Somalilanders in Canada will have no need to beg your government.

At this moment we do not want you to recognize Somaliland, all we are we asking you is to instruct your ambassadors in neighboring countries of Djabuti, Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya to visit the capital of Somaliland Haergeisa and find for themselves firsthand how peaceful and democratic that country is unlike the insecurity, chaos and mayhem in Somalia which strangely enough your government adores for no obvious reason. I know the newly appointed prime minister of Somalia has a Canadian dual citizenship so are thousands of Somaliland Canadians as I mentioned before. Another thing we would like to see is Canada to give part of the development fund it allocated to Somali people to Somaliland after all we are Somalis too.

Another thing I would like to draw your attention to is this peaceful and democratic country is endowed with natural resources including oil, gas and coal. It has large deposits of mineral resources. For your information there are three oil companies exploring for oil and there is a Chinese company exploring for mineral resources in Somaliland. There is a chance for Canada to participate in this bonanza and help Somaliland to develop in the process, it is nnever too late.

Finally the peaceful and democratic Somaliland will be holding an election for president and legislative assembly in 2015 as you are holding one in Canada. Many of Somaliland Canadians will be going there to vote and also to observe and scrutinize the election, I wish the Canadian government could send some observers as well. If that is not possible we will be acting for Canada and will report back to the Canadian government.



220 Warwick cresent

Edmonton, Alberta


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