President Siilaanyo Warns Somalia not to ever interfere in Somaliland Internal Affairs Again

President Siilaanyo: A statesman of great stature

His Excellency the President of the Republic of Somaliland, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud ‘Siilaanyo’ lashes out on Somalia, AMISOM-protected, government of Mogadishu not to meddle in the internal affairs of Somaliland again.

The President asked the Mogadishu-based Federal Government of Somalia to put its house in order, instead.

“Somaliland is a sovereign country over which you have no jurisdiction – and will never have since we have re-affirmed our sovereignty in 1991. Consequently, it is foolhardy of you to continue to interfere in the established statehood and order of Somaliland – politically, economically and socially,” he said in a statement the Presidency released to the person through the Presidential Spokesman’s office.

The President lamented the persistent political follies of the weak Mogadishu administration for still claiming Somaliland as something of its own, conveniently forgetting that the Republic of Somaliland was not handed back to its public on a silver platter.

The President stated that the peace and progress the Republic of Somaliland enjoys was borne out of the collective will and determination of its people and is based on the 1991 all-clan accord reached in Burao.

The Somaliland Minister of Energy and Mineral Affairs, also, in a press conference he held at his office today, called a press statement Somalia released to the media yesterday ‘an abrogation of the goodwill that Somaliland showed on continuing talks with Somalia, and the agreements reached on certain issues since they started’.

The Minister told the media that such an ill-thought of move on the part of the Mogadishu federal government starkly exposed its evil intentions against Somaliland and its people, and that such an action has no effect on the on-going developmental programs of Somaliland.

The Mogadishu ‘offense’ clearly violates a point in the December ’14 agreement between the two sides which stated that each party should strive to cease inimical propaganda against one another in order not thwart the progress of the talks and development initiatives in each country.


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