Thirteen Hawalas Closed Down In Kenya


dahaa-690x350Thirteen hawalas – informal money transfer services – have also been closed down. Hawalas are widely used by Somalis who depend on relatives abroad as a cheap and quick means to receive money. Interior Minister Joseph Nkaiserry said the names of the individuals and hawalas had not yet been

1 Amal Express Money Transfer
2 Amana Money Transfer Limited
3 Bakaal Express Money Transfer
4 Continental Money Transfer Ltd

5 Dahabshill Money Transfer Limited

6 Flex Money Transfer Limited
7 Hodan Global Money Remittance and Exchange Limited
8 Iftin Express Money Transfer Limited
9 Juba Express Money Transfer
10 Kaah Express Money Transfer Ltd
11 Kendy Money Transfer Limited P.O
12 Tawakal Money Transfer Limited P.O.
13 UAE Exchange Money Remittance Limited connkenamanahgoiftinbakaatawajubadahabamal








 (Source: Geeska Afrika)



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