Somalia Federal government, Puntland meeting scrapped


According to the information ‘minister’ of Puntland State of Somalia, a meeting that was initially said to cover issues relating to the Somalia 2016 New Deal Vision, failed to meet its agenda due to other sticky points presented by State administrations precipitating a breakdown of talks among members of the technical team to draft final conference communique.

Abdiweli Hirsi Abdulle accused the federal government of not respecting basic issues that Puntland and the FGS reached agreements on previously. Image

Mr. Abdulle said a technical team representing the two sides failed to reach a consensus on contentious issues.

“The federal government stands accused of turning its back on issues that we had reached a common consensus on. Instead, the FGS had been airing statements that totally went against the grain of the agreements by way of propaganda in order to nullify its commitments,” he said.

The ‘minister’ stated that points of contention between Puntland and the FGS, represented by president Hassan Sheikh, included share of natural resources and the establishment of regional states – both of which the Puntland state wished to play a leading role.

Minister added that the ‘presidents’ of the FGS, Puntland, Juba Land,  and Southwest were still in conference, although a number of ministers in technical committee left Garowe flying back to their respective administrations.

It is not clear yet at which point the discussions on the 2016 Vision was hijacked to issues specific to the hosting regional state of Puntland.

President Hassan formally declared the ‘conference’ open on Thursday, April 30, in Garowe theadministration seat of Puntland.

Source: VOA/Somali 2 May 2015


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