Vacancies: African Development Bank Group – Nigeria


[​IMG]There is an ongoing recruitment into different positions at the African Development Bank Group (AfDB). The African Development Bank Group is a multilateral development finance institution established to contribute to the economic development and social progress of African countries. Founded in 1964, its primary mission is to promote sustainable economic growth and reduce poverty in Africa.

The shareholders of African Development bank include 54 African countries (regional member countries) and 26 non-African countries (non-regional member countries). Thus getting a job at AfDB is as good as working with international organizations like United Nations, WHO etc. Here are the current job vacancies at AfDB. Click on the jobs for application details.

Job Title/Expiry date

Technical Assistant – Monitoring and Evaluation – 06/05/2015

Chief Resource Mobilization Officer – 12/05/2015

Advisor to the Vice President, OIVP – 13/05/2015

Assistant to the Vice President, OIVP – 13/05/2015

Special Program Coordinator – OPSM – 13/05/2015

Chief Evaluation Officer – 17/05/2015

Senior Legal Counsel, ALSF – 19/05/2015

Senior Resource Mobilization Officer – 17/05/2015

Independent Review Mechanism (IRM) Expert (CRMU) – 30/05/2015


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