Greatest number of refugees from Yemen arrive in Berbera


A ship carrying the greatest number of refugees fleeing the war in Yemen arrived in Berbera on Thursday.

According to the Somaliland National TV reporters, the new arrivals exceeded more than 1500 in number.

Immediately on arrival the Somaliland authorities first brought to shore women, children, the aged and the sick. First aid services were on hand, and the more debilitated were admitted to the district, government-run hospital in the sea port city.

On the other hand, Somaliland officials at the port city asked the Mogadishu Federal government not to claim the humanitarian services Somaliland was extending to the refugees as something that was being done on its behest and directives.

“Mogadishu has no jurisdiction whatsoever on Berbera or the rest of Somaliland and, therefore, should not jeopardize humanitarian efforts we are giving the new arrivals by claiming Berbera as its own,” the Port Manager said in one of the messages sent.

The bulk of Thursday’s arrivals were expected to pass on to their final destinations in Somalia and Ethiopia.


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