Somali ISIS members invite Al-shabaab to join group


isis-somaliaIn a video released by ISIS recently, members of Somali origin are seen inviting Al-shabaab militants to the group just like Nigeria’s Boko Haram. The video was titled “Message to Somali Muslims” and the speakers used the Somali language to drive the message home. 2“This is a massage from the Islamic state to our suffering Muslim brothers in Somalia, a country we love most, please know that you have an Islamic caliphate and state that will guard your dignity and behead those who make you suffer, the occupying forces” said a voice that identified himself as Taymuulah Al-Somali.

Another man who identified himself as Abuu Hamza Al-Somali made a similar appeal. “I would like to welcome our true Muslim brothers in Somalia to the Islamic state. This is where you all belong” he said.3The five minute video was recorded in an area located in the border of Iraq with Syria. Several heavily armed men stood guard as their colleagues recorded the message.

The militants also drove luxury vehicles. The Somali membership of ISIS is put at close to 100 fighters so far.


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