UN Human Rights delegation visit Somaliland


A UN human rights related delegation led by Bahame Tom Nyanduga, a UN independent expert on the situation of human rights  arrived in Hargeisa and held talks with speaker of the house of national assembly Hon. Abdirahman Irro on Sunday.

The delegation consisting of three members are in the country on working visit to see the situation on the ground and to assess the human rights in the country.image260The delegation, according to webistes loyal to Waddani political party, met with the Chairman of that party, the incumbent Speaker of the House of Representatives, who, according to the coverage ‘spoke at length on human rights violations against Waddani part members’ meted out by government.

The reports also said that Mr. Abdirahman M Abdullahi, a.k.a. IRRO, unilaterally affirmed to the delegation that the Somaliland Presidential and Parliamentary elections will be held within 2016.

Mr. Irro’s insistence on a date of his choice in 2016, if truly reported, is in direct contradiction of the decision of the highest authority in Somaliland – the Guurti – which sets the elections to happen in march 2017. The affirmation is, also, a blatant contravention of the spirit of the on-going talks between the three major political parties to resolve the difference on outlook of set election dates: NEC’s, the proposed dates by two of the parties’, the Guurti‘s.

It is not clear, yet, why the delegation has first set Waddani high on its agenda without according the same attention to the other major actors involved which may further alienate some of the foremost stakeholders who alreday hold the view that Waddni’s position is a foreign-driven one.


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