The United Arab Emirates has of late contributed significantly to the training, armaments and military hardware of Somalia national army as well as to its federal states’ military capability.

The Emirates, particularly, Abu Dhabi, supplied a number of armored vehicles,  MRIs,  and land cruisers for military use to the Somalia federal state of Jubaland.

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The military vehicles were received at the State’s administration seat, Kismayu, by ‘president’ Ahmed Madoobe.

Earlier the Emirates built a large army training college in Mogadishu and supplied a significant number of assorted equipment and hardware to the Somalia army.

On a similar token, the Emirates supplied vehicles, equipment and training to the marines and intelligence services of Puntland.

The influx of military equipment to Somalia coming from all corners of the world – overtly and covertly – only spells doom to the stability of the region, the precursors of which are already visible and audible in places like Puntland and the central regions of Somalia.

the Republic of Somaliland is diligently monitoring the situation to assess the looming threat to its existence. This latest development comes especially at a time that Somalia’s and disruptive elements from the international community have ridden into its midst on a Somaliland opposition ticket beginning with the disparagement  and discredit of the mainstay of Somaliland peace and stability – the Guurti (Elders’ House).