Shock as area elder reveals Somalia forces participate in Heefow clan fighting


A section of the Somali government forces in Hiraan region has been involved in the clan clashes in Heefow, a local elder has revealed. Speaking to

Speaking to Wacaal media in Heefow, traditional elder Mohamed Ahmed said that members of the Somali military and their regional counterparts from Hiraan whose clans were involved in the conflict have been fighting for their sides ever since it first started.dfghjkl2211This he added, made it difficult to end the conflict because of lack of neutrality. “Both clans involved in the conflict called in their ‘sons’ in the armed forces for help.

This is very unfortunate as it has been fueling the conflict all that time” he said. Efforts by Wacaal media’s Mogadishu office to get more information from officials of the Somali armed forces in Hiraan region were fruitless as they declined to comment on the issue.

The conflict in Deefow which lies 30Km North of Baladweyne has been escalating for the last one year after two neighboring clans fought over farmlands in the area.

Source: Wacaal 


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