RoS New Chief Justice Takes Office


Hon Aden Haji Ali, the new chief justice of Somaliland high court took the reins at the Supreme Court on Wednesday, replacing Yusuf Ismail Ali.The acting chief justice deputy chief justice of Somaliland high court “I have no doubt in my mind that you will do well in your current positions,” he affirmed. She described CJ Aden Haji Ali as someone with vast experience, being a member of the legal fraternity.

The outgoing Justice Yusuf Ismail Ali said, “He described the new CJ as a man with wealth of experience and conversant with judicial matters in this country. His appointment therefore, he noted, is not a mistake considering the knowledge he has as a judicial officer.

“The nation’s legal system does not need an extensive overhaul, and any change must be evolutionary’, the outgoing chief justice stated.

The New Chief Justice Aden Haji Ali speaking during the event vowed to execute his duties without fear, ill-will or favor as enshrined in the constitution of Somaliland and that the judiciary is in a very challenging time which requires exceptional efforts and great sacrifice on the part of the judges to leave an indelible mark in the judicial sands of the time.

He said he has accepted the responsibility given to him and admitted that there is a lot of work to do.

The new Justice pledged of his commitment, noting that he appreciated the task ahead and that they are ready and willing to work even harder to make the country’s judicial system a beacon of justice.

Lastly the new chief equally prayed for Allah’s guidance while executing his duties.

Source: Somalilandpress


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