A new wave of Yemeni refugees reach Berbera


MV Al Nuba 1 carrying more refugees fleeing the protracted war in Yemen reached Berbera Thursday to a warm welcome.

The passengers on board, reports put, were reported to be one of the largest, mainly, of whole families that managed to find passage out of the ravages of a war-torn Yemen.Colonel Mohamed Ali ‘Ina Ambaro’, the Republic of Somaliland’s Chief of the Immigration Department, was there in person to make sure that no terrorist suspects were lurking amongst the new arrivals.

Colonel Mohamed Ali and his officers attended to the security side of the operation in response to the US, EU and UN fears of Al Qaeda operatives infiltrating the refugee exodus to wreak havoc in a stable Somaliland and add ammunition and manpower to the cauldron of armed engagements in Somalia where Al Shabaab  still commands an undeniable presence.

The Colonel and his team also visited the interim reception camps set up the refugee contingency on Friday.

The new refugees, either seeking refuge in the unrecognized republic or wishing to pass on to Somalia homes, find a welcome solace, peace and hospitality in Berbera to join those who have preceded on relatively short journey across the Gulf of Aden to Somaliland.


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