MV Dahab brings more beleaguered refugees from Yemen


MV Dahab of Dahabshiil Group docked on Berbera Port late on Monday afternoon bringing a fresh batch of beleaguered but much relieved refugees fleeing the devastating proxy war in neighboring Yemen.The refugees comprised of around 120 families totaling 280 persons most of whom will be eventually continuing their journey to Somalia homes. A trickle were either of Yemeni origin or of Somaliland origin.

MV Dahab transported the refugees voluntarily on a first of many more trips across the Gulf of Aden to come.

Upon landing, Dahabshiil officials handed each of the refugees food, water and beverages where the ICRC, also, gave them vaccination drops.“Dahabshiil is much pleased to extend a helping hand to people reduced to a state of fear and uncertainty by the ongoing war in Yemen,” Abdirashid Farah Ahmed, Deputy CEO of Dahabshiil DMTS, welcoming the refugees at the port said.Abdirashid Farah further stated that the large MV Dahab will keep plucking out refugees from the war-torn country as long as 2015-06-16 19-05-33 (1)

On the other hand, the refugees most of whom were women and children much reduced to  a deplorable state of weakness could not adequately express their relief on disembarking to a country that promised them respite on top of the warm welcome given them upon disembarkation by Dahabshiil, Somaliland government and officers from IOM, DRC and ICRC waiting for them at the 2015-06-16 18-54-28“Dahabshiil has proven that human care is above all other cares once more,” an old lady helped down the ramp said.

Of this latest batch, at least five of them were whisked off to health facilities on landing by the ICRC medics.IMG_87351

It was only last week that Dahabshiil Group paid for the wayfare of more than two hundred families that reached Bossasso – the other major landing point for refugees – by contributing US Dollars 30 000 to the refugee aid effort.




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