Somaliland President tours Faro Weyne


Somaliland President H.E Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo has today traveled to Faro Weyne district that lies south west of Hargeisa and is in the border between Ethiopia and Somaliland.

The President is accompanied by a delegation compromising members of ministers, Marodi Jeh regional governor, Mayor and other officials.

According to the country’s only State Radio told that the mission of the trip of the president is to assess the needs of the district and to inaugurate new development projects that the president himself laid the foundation stone over previous visits that he embarked on the district.

According to the news broadcast by the only State Radio told that the president and his delegation received a cordial welcome.

Moreover, the president has handed oliiiver a brand new ambulance vehicle to Wado Makahil district and opened officially new water well dug by water extraction equipment truck.

President Silanyo told residents that his administration is doing all in its power to address the concern of the public with utmost efforts.

The accompanying delegates made pledges to boost the services that they are responsible for the gov’t led by Ahmed Silanyo.

Source: Somalilandinformer


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