Prominent Somaliland-born Statesman Ismail Buubaa renounces pro-unionist view


According to Somali newspapers and websites this morning, and based on an interview Ali Seenyo of Horn Cable TV had with Ismail Buubaa, the prominent, hitherto- anti-Somaliland statesman is reportedly on the way to his hometown of Hargeisa and the seat of the Somaliland government against which he, Buubaa, has waged an unrelenting opposition for some twenty-two years now.“A re-union between Somalia and Somaliland is no longer feesible,” Mr. Buubaa said, adding that he believed it was better and more beneficial for all Somalis that there be formed two independent Somali states out of the now defunct Somali republic to prop each other as two formidable faces in the region.

Mr. Buubaa, in an interview on Horn Cable TV, said it was high time that he admitted the futility of a cause he advocated for over two decades.

“Somalis can make something of themselves only if there is an independent, sovereign Somaliland living side by side with Somalia,” Mr. Buubaa said.

The native son of Somaliland served twice as the foreign minister of theTransitional Federal Government of Somalia, first from 2000 to 2002 and from mid-2006 to early 2007 before fading out from government though he continued his Somaliland bashing.
Prior to granting his political allegiance to South Somalia Ismail Buubaa served as the Somaliland minister of Finance during the administration of late President Abdirahman Ali Tuur.

While no official statement has been issued by either the authorities in Mogadishu or Hargeisa the flagging fortunes of a large number of nativeSomalilanders who owe loyalty to Somalia thence considered traitors underSomaliland law has become overt lately.

Ismail Mahmoud Hurre (Buubaa) was born in Hargeisa Somaliland around 1943 and homesickness courtesy of prolonged absence serving Somaliweine interests is probably one of the driving reasons behind his desire for home.If he really does return, will the authorities in Hargeisa forgive and forget thus allow him to resume political life in the country like others before him, most notably Prof Samatar or will he be treated to the courtroom and subsequent stint at Mandera maximum prison by merit of his rooftops verbosity against the Sovereignty of his motherland?

Prof Ahmed Ismael Samatar kisses the ground upon arrival at Berbera after lenthigly absence from SomalilandPreceding him to Somaliland after treading the same pro-union road and finding it fraught with futile hopes and dreams, Prof Ahmed Ismael Samatar, above,  kisses the ground upon arrival at Berbera after a lengthy absence from Somaliland. 

Source: Somalilandsun/Somtribune


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