Somaliland Students in Turkey visit president’s advisor in hospital


Members of Somaliland students studying at Turkish universities have paid a visit to the presidential adviser on eastern regional affairs Hon. Fu’ad Adam Adde who is in Turkey on medical grounds.arday-booqatay-fuaad-aadan-cadde-oo-cusbitaal-jiifaMr. Fu’ad has thanked the students who visited him while in hospital and said that they prayed for him to gain speedy recovery by the grace of Allah.

Mr. Fuad, the presidential advisor has said that he expects to stand on his feet again and will meet them back home.

Mr. Fuad, the president’s advisor has been taken to Turkey after he broke his thigh in a car accident that occurred at the presidential palace.

First, he was hospitalized at Gargaar but after doctors saw his condition have recommended taking him to overseas in order to be cured.

He is now in Turkish hospital recuperating and once he is fine will return to the country.

Source: SI


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