Flashback: First Somaliland Parliament in 1960 (Historical Pics+Docs)


Commemorating 26 June 1960  and a lost – but regained – jewel!

On February 17 1960, the very first Somaliland elections for parliament were held. Four major political parties – the SNL, NUF, USP and SYL – and a few independent runners contested for 33 national seats.

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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, 1960

The number of seats of the Legislature of Somaliland, procedures, voting, in-house elections, etc. were based on a very comprehensive text embodied in articles 16 to 38 of a draft Somaliland Constitution that, however, came into legal effect on 26 June 1960, coinciding with the new republic coming into maturity as an internationally recognized, sovereign state among its peers in the world.

The results were as below:

  Name of Party Abbrev. Number of Votes Percentage (%) Number of Seats
1 Somali National League SNL 42, 395 52.1 20
2 National United Front NUF 20, 249 24.9 1
3 United Somali Party USP 13, 350 16.4 12
4 Somali Youth League SYL 4, 626 5.7 0
5 Independent parties 746 0.9 0
TOTAL 81, 366 100 33

The MPs who won seats in the elections, their constituencies, and clans were as follows.

 (A) Hargeysa District Constituencies

Somali National League (SNL) MPs:

1. Abdullahi Hussein  Ina-Doobilkoole – Arab

2.  Alili Mohamed Haji Abokor, Habr Awal

3. Sh Barkhad Awaleh, Habr Awal Jaamac Cabdilaahi Qaalib Ina-Diir-qadhaadh S.N.L, Ciidagale, Reer Buraale, Salaxley.

4. Jama Abdilahi Qalib – Ina-Diir-qadhaadh,  Eidagaleh

5. Yussuf Ismail Samatar, “Gaandi” , Habr Awal

6. Mohamed Bihi Shuuriye, Tumaal

7. Haji Ibrahim Osman Food, “Basbaas”, Habr Yonis

(B) Burao District Constituencies

  1. Ahmed-Keyse Haji Dualeh S.N.L, Habr Je’lo
  2. Abokor Haji Farah, Habr Yonis
  3. Sheikh Ali Ismail Yaqub, Habr Yonis
  4. Esse Jama Mohamud Gaade, Habr Je’lo
  5. Yusuf Kahin Ahmed, Habr Awal
  6. Mohamud Yasin Sh Musa, Habr Awal 

(C) Berbera District Constituencies

  1. Mohamed Ibrahim Egal, Habr Awal
  2. Haji Yusuf Iman Guled,  Habr Yonis
  3. Haji Abdilahi Deria – Gamgam, Habr Awal
  4. Haji Adan Yusuf, Habr Awal
  5. Ali Qawdhan, Habr Awal

(D) Erigavo District Constituencies

National United Front (NUF) MPs:

  1. Michael Mariano,  Habr Je’lo

Somali National League (SNL) MPs:

  1. Mohamed Ali Farah, Habr Je’lo
  2. Sh Ahmed Mohamud Dalmar,  Habr Yonis

United Somali Party (USP) MPs:

  1. Abdilahi Qablan Mohamed , Warsangeli
  2. Mohamud Ahmed Salax ”Caddaanweyne”,  Warsangeli

(E) Las Anod District Constituencies

  1. Ali Garaad Jama,   Dhulbahanteh
  2. Osman Garad Mohamud, Dhulbahanteh
  3. Abdalla Haji Farah, Dhulbahanteh
  4. Mohamed Yusuf Geedeeye, Dhulbahanteh
  5. Ibrahim Eid , Dhulbahanteh

(F) Borama District Constituencies

  1. Sh. Abibakar Sh. Omar, Gadabursi
  2. Jama Geelle Essa, Essa
  3. Haji Musa Ahmed Shirwa,  Essa
  4. Abdi Hassan Buuni, Gadabuursi
  5. Haji Ibrahim Nur, Gadabursi






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