Fire exchanges with Alshabab kills 12 near Somalia-Kenya border


Deadly battle broke out between Jubaland military forces and Al Shabab militants in an army base in Waladino area near Somalia-Kenya border, killing at least 12 people including soldiers, residents said.shabab-The battle flared up after Al Shabab agents armed with rocket propelled grenades and machine guns attacked on an army base manned by Jubaland military forces in Waladino area in Somalia’s lower Juba region.

At least 12 people including Rebels, Jubland soldiers and civilians were killed in the fighting which last night erupted in an area close to Somalia-Kenya border, a resident local Media in Mogadishu.

Meanwhile, Al Qaeda affiliated with Al Shabab militants took several weapons after Jubland military forces withdrew from their army base during the deadly battle, sources said. The area is neither under control of militants or Jubaland forces.

Neither Somalia’s Jubaland officials nor Al Shabaab militants have so far commented on the battle which erupted last night in Waladino area near Somalia and Kenya border.


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