Somaliland CSOs submit UPR to the UN Human Rights Council



Subject: Somaliland Universal Periodic Review Report (UPR)
Somaliland Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) submitted Universal Periodic Review Report (UPR) 1st July, 2015 to the United Nations Human Rights Council.
This report presents an indepth analysis of Somaliland’s general situation of human rights.

In the meantime, this report is part of the unique process of the Universal Periodic Review which involves a periodic review of the human rights records of all 193 UN Member States by the Human Rights Council to examine the human rights record of all states.

In this regard, it is for the first time that Somaliland CSOs submit this specific report to take part the review cycle of Somaliland/Somalia human rights record which will give Somaliland an avenue to showcase its strengthens, challenges and recommendations on its human rights situation.

The CSOs of Somaliland have acknowledged that this report will contribute the country’s reputation of human rights because many international human rights actors will take part this occasion of examination, evaluation and presentations on the Universal Periodic Review Report where Somaliland’s report would be presented as separate one regarding Somalia report.

Moreover, the CSOs are expecting from the UN Human Rights Council to adopt particular recommendations to Somaliland based on its particular circumstances as de facto state and the realities on the ground which this report exposes and highlights over the cycle period of the UPR.

Furthermore, this report was emanated from the CSOs inclusive and combined efforts. On other hand, this brief report shows how CSOs have made analytical and consolidated report that adequately addresses the human rights status in Somaliland. Since March 12/2015, the CSOs were undertaking series consultation meetings, data collection and analysis. This report consists of following thematic areas:-
 Economic, Social and cultural Rights
 Access to Justice, Constitutional and Legal Framework
 Protection of civilians and compliance to IHL

 Women and Children rights
 Youth rights
 Freedom of expression and protection of human rights defenders including Journalists and other human rights activists
 Recommendations
Ultimately, the CSOs of Somaliland is very proud to prepare this report and this can be an indication of Somaliland’s civil society level of policy advocacy and coordination modalities among them. The CSOs of Somaliland are very grateful to UNSOM Human Rights Section for their support provided to the CSOs in the development and preparation of this report. The CSOs are committed to continue such consolidated efforts and policy initiatives on improving country’s human rights situation. See attached organizations contributed and prepared the report.

On behalf of Civil Society 

Mustafe Sacad Dhinbil Chairman of SONSAF


List of Organizations developed and contributed the UPR Report NO Organizations/Networks Region
1 Somaliland Non State Actors Forum (SONSAF) All regions
2 Human rights centre (HRC) Hargaysa
3 Somaliland National Youth Umbrella (SONYO) All regions
4 Nagaad Womens Network All regions
5 Somaliland Journalists Associations (SOLJA) All regions
6 Community Development and Human rights Organization (COMPAD Hargaysa
7 Deegaan Network All regions
8 Somaliland Youth Development Association (SOYDA) Hargaysa
9 Somaliland Women Lawyers Association (SWLA) Hargaysa
10 Candlelight Hargaysa
11 Talowadaag Coalition (Network for the people living with HIV/AID Hargaysa
12 Horn of Africa Voluntary Youth Committee (HAVOYOCO Hargaysa
13 University of Hargeisa – Legal Aid Clinic Hargaysa
14 Somaliland National Disability Forum (SNDF) All regions
15 Somaliland Child Rights Forum (SOCRIF) All regions
16 Comprehensive Community based Rehabilitaiton in Somaliland (CCBRS) Hargaysa
17 Committee Concerned of Somalis (CCS) Hargaysa
18 Network Against FGM in Somaliland (NAFIS) All regions
19 Sool Community Development Ortganization (SCODO) Sool
20 Stead Fast Voluntary Organization Sool
21 Link Youth Voluntary Organization (LYVO) Sool

22 African Youth Voluntary Organization (AYVO) Sool
23 Kalabadh Youth Link Organization (KAYLO) Sool
24 Orientaiton Community Civilian Development Organization (OCCDO) Sanaag
25 Sanaag Charity Organization Sanaag
26 Dal-kaab Community Development Organization, Sanaag Sanaag
27 Somaliland Horseed Organization of Humanitarian Development and Environmental Protection, Sanaag
28 African Youth Development Association (AYODA), Awdal
29 Somaliland Association Youth Salvation (SAYS) Awdal
30 Somaliland Humanitarian Relief Association (SOHURA) , Awdal
31 Somaliland Skills Training Association (SOSTA) Awdal
32 Development Youth and Moral Support Organization (DYMON) Awdal
33 General Assistance and Volunteer Organization (GAVO) Sahil
34 Youth Volunteers for Development and Environment Conservation (YOVENCO) , Sahil
35 Somaliland Education Development Organization (SOMEDO) Sahil
36 HANAN Women Organization, Sahil
37 Community development Association (CDA) Sahil
38 Somaliland Youth Development and Voluntary Organization (SOYDAVO Togdheer
39 Somaliland Youth Society (SYS) Togdheer
40 Solidarity Youth Voluntary Organization (SYVO) Togdheer

Press Release 2July edited 2015.PDF Document on Subject: Somaliland Universal Periodic Review Report
The Press-Release of somali language warsaxaafadeed -UPR 2 July 2015.pdf PDF Document –

the CSOS report on United Nation -Somaliland CSOs Universal Periodic Reveiw Submission.pdf PDF Document – 888 KB


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