Somalia: Militants seize Wanlawayn after Govt forces withdraw


Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab militants poured into Lower Shabelle region town of Wanlawayn in southern Somalia following skirmishes with government forces on Saturday, Garowe Onliner reports.ImageThough militants faced little resistance, residents have confirmed that Al Shabaab is now in control of Wanlawayn, some 90km west of Mogadishu.

Somali government forces are said to have vacated their positions, heading to a military airport remaining under the control of African Union peacekeepers and Afgooye town.

The fresh squeeze follows a series of alarming pullouts made by allied troops from strategic areas in Lower Shabelle. Militants stepped up Ramadan rampage, reverting to unprecedented military-style ambushes and planned assassinations.

Source: Garoweonline


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