Residents flee Al Shabaab-held Baardheere ahead of looming offensive


Hundreds of Baardheere town residents are fleeing their homes after reports emerged of an impending offensive by government and AMISOM forces.qxxxzzSources indicate that a heavily armed contingent of Ethiopian forces accompanied by their federal government colleagues left Qansaxdheere and Luuq districts heading for Baardheere which is currently under control of Al-shabaab.

Al-shabaab on their part has been sending reinforcement to the town bracing themselves for impending offensive on them. They seek to hold on to grip of the town which was the only major one remaining in their hands in Gedo region.

Following the heavy deployment and military buildup by the two sides, residents are fleeing to the outskirt settlements for fear of being caught out in the crossfire.

Source: Wacaal media


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