Heavy rainfall raises mosquito alert along the Midwest. Experts are fearing for the West Nile Virus


Due to a delayed melting of the snow and a relatively drier spring, the breeding season of the mosquitoes was however hampered. Resulting in a shrink in the number of mosquitoes until the pouring May and June came in giving them a favorably fit breeding environment. Thank this summer for keeping the mosquito control units on their toes. They are onto their season-long programs to educate people on the necessary precautions and the steps that they need to take to control these harmful biters.Although no virus of any sort has yet been reported, experts are always trying to be a step ahead when its all about taking precautions and various preventive measures.

It must be kept in mind that mosquitoes are well equipped to carry dangerous viruses such as the popular West Nile Virus and also the Eastern Equine Encephalitis.

According to the studies of CDCP, the West Nile is much easier to contract with 80 to 90 percent of the total infected victims not showing much of a symptom, others are more likely to develop into flu-like conditions. In fact, it is found in less than one percent of cases that such a patient will develop any sort of neurological illness.

Eastern Equine Encephalitis on the other hand is much more dangerous in nature.

A total of eleven agencies are working hard on controlling mosquitoes in the Midwest regions including Ohio where they are sending out field-technicians to take care of possible breeding spots such birdbaths and flowerpots and spray pesticides among spots where larvicide are reported to be present.

Report says that the Northeast Mosquito Control & Wetlands Management District has sprayed salt using pesticide planes covering a wide range of area starting from Salisbury and ending in Ipswich. A large number of mosquito larvae were reported from this area. They are also using spraying trucks throughout these regions.

Although these efforts look effective enough, experts are however emphasizing largely on people to take precautions such as using insect repellants, wearing light-colored full sleeved garments and repair any broken screen in their houses.

Source: Standard Daily


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