6 killed in heavy clashes in southern Somalia


At least six people, including four Al-Shabaab militants and two Somali military officers were killed on Tuesday after attacks by Al-Shabaab in Bay town in southern Somalia, officials and witnesses said.Senior military officer Adow Jim’ale said the deceased were killed in an attack on a military base in Kulmis village, about 8 kilometers from Badio town of Bay region.

“During the attack, we lost two soldiers and we also killed four fighters from Al-Shabaab,” Jim’ale told Xinhua by telephone.

The military officer said the Somali government troops forced the attackers to escape the scene.

“After a brief battle they fled away because of the bravery of our troops,” said the officer of the latest incident which has sparked tension in Bay town.

Salad Madey, one of the residents in Kulmis, told Xinhua that he heard a heavy gunfire in the village and the clashes lasted for several hours.

“We could not get out because the battle was very fierce, the clashes had ended, but the situation remains tense,” Salad said.

The Al-Qaida linked group Al-Shabaab which vowed to intensify attacks during the holy month of Ramadan later claimed responsibility, saying its militants killed many Somali troops.

Source: Xinhua


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