Karachi can turn into Somalia, warns Altaf


Says party workers to become rebels if he remained no more; MQM stands by the army.

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain said on Sunday that if he was no more, the party workers showing patience would become rebels and the port city would turn as worse as Somalia.

He said that Pakistan Army is the pride of the country and they stood by it in every situation.“We are not against army and we want Pakistan to remain ours, only request is that those targeting Karachi people, should be removed from their ranks and punitive action be taken against them,” he said.

Altaf Hussain was addressing the office bearers and parliamentarians via phone from London on Sunday. His address was directly relayed in many cities of the country and London.He referred to the statement issued by the Rangers a day earlier in which it said that it would issue white paper regarding operation at Nine-Zero on March 11 saying that MQM was distorting facts regarding the raid.

He said, “MQM is loyal to country and has never concealed facts. The MQM workers should not be arrested illegally,” he said. A handful of personnel in Army defaming the institution must be removed from their posts, he demanded. He recalled the 1971 war when these black sheep undermined the entire institution.

“MQM’s Khidmat-e-Khalq committee is a charitable organisation which helps the destitute and needy of the city but hurdles are being created by arresting its workers which is unlawful,” he said.

He reiterated his stance that black sheep were always there in any of the institution and those attacked at Mehran base, GHQ Naval Base and Kamra Base were from within the Army, but the entire institution was not blamed for wrongdoings. “We are not against Army but want that these rotten eggs should be eliminated from the Army,” he said.

He appealed to the Rabita Committee to send booklet prepared by MQM regarding raid on the MQM’s offices to the army chief so that he must also come to know about the MQM point of view.He also criticised Chaudhry Nisar for supporting operation against MQM.He also narrated the incident about Vice Chief of Air Staff (R) Shahid Latif.



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