American children are worse off than people realize


The Annie E. Casey Foundation, a private philanthropy working to help families, recently released their annual KIDS COUNT Data Book.

The report measures the educational, social, economic, and physical well-being of .

According to the most recent data available, 22% 0f   living in poverty. The icial poverty line for 2015 is $24,250 for a family of four – it was $23,624 in 2013 when the data was last collected.

While there hopes this number will drop for 2015 based on a lower national unemployment rate, there many other obstacles  facing.

Furthermore, a shocking 66% of fourth-graders in 2013 were not proficient in reading and the same percentage of eighth-graders were not proficient in math. These numbers slightly lower in 2007, but the inequalities among races remain heavily present.

The following chs display some of the economic and educational challenges facing, broken down by ethnicity.BI_Graphics_Child well being_graphs 1Skye Gould/Business Insider

 well-being ch lack of secure employmentSkye Gould/Business Insider

 well-being ch high housing cost burdernSkye Gould/Business Insider BI_Graphics_Child well being_graphs 5Skye Gould/Business Insider well-being ch fourth graders readingSkye Gould/Business Insider well-being ch eighth graders math level

Bill Nye, an advocate for the education of climate change effects and evolution, thinks there some flaws in the way science is taught today.


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