Somaliland: President Siilaanyo orders immediate water relief for drought-stricken areas


The President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud has directed the ministers of Finance and Water resources to immediately (within 24 hours) facilitate the distribution, supply and provision of relief water to drought stricken areas which have been hit hardest by the scarcity of the commodity.water tankersThe announcement of the directive was revealed by the Minister of Information, National Guidance and Heritage Hon. Abdillahi Mohamed Dahir Ukuse who was flanked by cabinet colleague Hon. Osman Abdillahi Sahardid.

Meanwhile the President who has been on a week-long tour on the eastern parts of the country is expected to be back in the beginning of the week.

The Head of State left the city last Sunday hence visited the regions of Sahil, Togdeer, Sool and Sanaag in a tour billed as a triumphant one that testifies unprecedented developmental projects undertaken in his tenure.

Apart from launching more numerous projects, the President verified the completed ones, evaluated and monitored the on-going ones and similarly kick-started new ones while at the same time met the people in his tours.

“The main theme of his tour was to inaugurate the first ever tarmac roads in Sool”, confirmed the Presidential Spokesman Ahmed Suleiman Duhul to our sister paper Dawan on Friday night through the telephone from Burao.

He is part of the Presidential delegation and was speaking from Burao on their way back. “The Lasanod road projects are mainly for the streets”, he said.

Mr. Duhul observed, “The magnitude of the development projects established surpass the time frame of the President’s tenure”.

In other words the President has done more than was expected or envisioned during his first term in office.

“The visit and tour of the President is one of triumph as far as progress is concerned”, said the spokesman.

“It emphasizes, verifies and establishes the triumphant developmental positive steps undertaken so far”, he stressed.

Mr. Duhul said that the delegation reached as far as Sanaag where the 370km long Burao-Erigavo road was being upgraded.

He said that parts of the road were tarmacked whereas the gravelling assorted materials were already in lamps all along the road under construction.

He pointed out that the residents of the area were contented with the works so far and that they had eked in immensely on the cause.

The President had laid the foundation stone on the kick-off of the construction of the road several months ago and work was well under-way.

He has repeatedly made several similar trips to monitor projects in the area, especially on this particular road.

“As per the President’s norm, whatever project he launches his commitments are to successfully accomplish hence ascertain their completions,” said Mr. Duhul.

He said the President has always imparted upon the populace the needs of bolstering infrastructure since they were a priority and a backbone that catalyzed progress in any country.

Mr. Duhul made it clear that one of the main policies that the president has made a priority is to establish tangible developments in the eastern parts of the country just as other parts.

“It is true that the eastern region of the country are undeveloped and they too need basic public services as the rest of the country” he said.

He gave the example of the operating police station in Lasanod as having been built in 1955 during the colonial era.

“The new police station, water projects, a large water-dam, etc where the president’s itinerary of which he launched and inaugurated as new projects” said Duhul.

The President’s delegation included the Frist Lady Amina Weris, Presidency Minister Hon. Hersi Ali Hassan, Interior Minister Hon. Ali Mohamemd Waran-adde, Health Minister Hon. Suleiman Issa Haglatosiye, FM Hon. Mohammed Bihi Yonis, Finance Hon. Zamzam Abdi Adan, Public Works Minister Abdirissak Khalid Ahmed, Education Prof. Farah Elmi Geedoole, DM of Defence Hon. Jama A. Biin, State Minister for Fianance Osman A. Sahardid Adan, and a large delegation of senior civil servants and politicians.

The delegation has hilariously been welcomed wherever they have visited.



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