Planning Assistant Minister resigns ‘to combat tribalism, lobby for social equality’


11251774_784010038373943_5694789469628034745_nAbdikarim Ahmed Mogheh (a.k.a. Mooge), the Vice Minister for Planning tendered his resignation to the President of the Republic of Somaliland in order to as he put it – combat tribalism and advocate for social equality.

He made the move public by posting the reasons behind his withdrawal from government ministerial service on his Facebook page.A A Mogheh“I wish to declare that I have resigned in order to find more time to attend to own (personal) affairs, and in order to fight against tribalism and fight for equality in Somaliland society,” Abdikarim said.

The Minister profusely expressed his deep respect and appreciation to the President, H.E. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud ‘Siilaanyo’ for conferring the honor of ministerial responsibilities on him. Equally, Mr. Abdikarim Mogheh thanked the two ministers of fisheries and planning, Ali Bureed and Saad A Shire, respectively, under whom he has worked during his membership in the country’s ministerial cabinet.

Mr. Mogheh, the son of a renowned Somaliland vocalist and actor, Ahmed Mogheh Liban, and the nephew of Mohamed Mogheh Liban, a singer, teacher and a freedom fighter, has been active in Somaliland civil society forums among which he has developed a reputation for meticulous devotion to and pursuit of excellence and perfection in all of his assignments. Abdikarim also commands unwavering respect among his peers as a young, upcoming politician/activist with a bright future.

Abdikarim will certainly be sorely missed  among government circles.

Find below recent photo flashes of Abdikarim’s active life:


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