Somalia: First female candidate announces run for Garowe mayor


ImageFirst female youth activist has announced her mayoral bid in upcoming city council elections in Somalia’s northeastern state of Puntland, Garowe Online reports.

Suhur Hashi Hambo shored up support for her mayoral candidacy and will compete against four others, all male contestants. On Saturday, politicians, youth and women groups and civil society activists held a ceremony at Rugsan Square hotel in the state capital of Garowe in support of Hambo’s run for the mayoral post of the capital. Speaking at the event, Suhur indicated that she will make difference and remains optimistic about city council elections. She further stressed her readiness in embracing transparency, justice and development ideals if councilors elect her as Garowe mayor. The chairperson of Association for Puntland women, Khadro Warsame expressed her delight with the first female candidate seeking to fit into the office of the mayor. Abdulkadir Shebe, Puntland lawmaker welcomed Suhur’s courage which he said would be a test to leadership capabilities of Somali women in positions of authority.

Garowe city councilors are expected to vote in crucial municipal election in the coming weeks according to Interior Minister, Ahmed Elmi Osman (Karash). Women in war-torn Somalia have sought larger role in decision-making process, unveiling their interest in key posts within the government.



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