Awdal wins 10 000-metre all-Somaliland run


NBS (6)Abdi Aziz Abdullahi Gheelle, Awdal, won the 10 000m championship of Somaliland regions in a closely contested race the Somaliland Ministry of Sports & Youth held for over 300 contestants in Hargeisa on Sunday.

Harir Yussuf Arab won second place, and third and fourth places went to  Abdullahi Abdi Saeed, Awdal, and Mohamoud Ibrahim Moumin of Maroodijeeh (Hargeisa) and Gabiley, respectively.

The starting line for this race was placed at the new western control depot of Hargeisa and the finish line at the Independence Square.

H.E. the Somaliland minister for Sports, Ahmed Abdi Kahin, wished the winners to further develop their skills to win regional and international prizes for themselves and for the Republic of Somaliland.

Before him, the Director-General and the Chairman of the ROS Athletics Federation, also, spoke highly of the enthusiasm and motivation that Somaliland youth showed in this event, promising to hold more and more events of the same genre in the near future.


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