Republic of Somaliland President, VP meet with Judicial Commission, High Court Panel of Judges (+Photos)


DSC_0052H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo on Tuesday met the Chief Justice, Minister of Justice, Attorney General, high court judges to and with members of Somaliland judicial commission to discuss ways of reforming and enhance the country justice system.DSC_0029Chief Justice Aden Haji Ali Ahmed briefing the media said, “Our discussion during today’s meeting with the President and Vice President was  enlightening and productive, and was based on a number of issues pertinent to the country’s justice system such as strengthening of judiciary institutions through reforming their operational frameworks, elaborating their policies and proceduresDSC_0015“President Silanyo during the meeting pledged to fully support and works closely with these institutions so as to build capacity, improve self-sufficiency and stimulate justice sector reform in accordance with the constitution”, the Chief Justice stated.

The RoS President, H.E. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud ‘Siilaanyo’ emphasized the monumental importance of inculcating in themselves and in the community the inviolability of the age-old adage ‘equal in the eyes of the law’. Nobody, no entity, the President is reported to have advised the Judicial Commission members, was above the law.

“Respect and trust of the judiciary is in your hands,” he told the JC.

Along with His Excellency the Vice President, Abdirahman Sayli’i, the State Minister for the Presidency, Mohamed Musa Abees, and the Minister for Information, Abdullahi Mohamed Dahir “Ukusse’,   in addition to  Ali Ahmed Ali, Executive Secretary to the President were present.

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President Silanyo was flanked by Vice President Abdurrahman Abdullah Ismail “Saylici”, Minister of Judicial Affairs Hon Hussein Ahmed Aidiid, Minister of State in charge of Presidential Affairs Hon Mohamed Muse Abess and Minister of Information Hon Abdullahi Mohamed Dahir “Cukuse”.

Somaliland judicial commission serves to promote the integrity of the judicial process and preserve public confidence in the courts.


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