ID Weekly View: Hargeisa Book Fair


Week 10 Somaliland

Why it Matters: The Hargeisa Book Fair

Somaliland may be an unrecognized state politically, but the annual Hargeisa International Book Fair has put it on the map culturally. Now in its 8th year, it has become one of the highlights of the cultural calendar in the region and the largest celebration of books in East Africa.

This year the book fair placed particular emphasis on the important contribution that women have made to overcoming a legacy of conflict and bringing about the successful development of peaceful, democratic and inclusive institutions in Somaliland. The Women of the World global movement convened several discussions with leading Somaliland women in fields including politics, activism and literature. Dr. Edna Adan and the other participants reflected on how women could be encouraged to further participate in politics and thereby ensure that the reform of legal, social and political institutions continues in Somaliland.


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