Somalia: Puntland Stands Accused of Importing/Printing Counterfeit Money


The Chairman of the central Bank of Somalia Mr. Bashiir Isse Ali has on Saturday held a press conference in Mogadishu and accused the semiautonomous States of Puntland of being behind of the flow of phony money into the country wide.wqww-640x396

“We made thorough investigation to know where the recent counterfeit money which we have recently seen causing fluctuation on the trade in the city is coming from, and the bottom-line of the investigation is that the money is coming from the semiautonomous states of Puntland in Eastern Somalia, it is very unfortunate to know that Puntland which one of the strong pillars of the nation is behind this illegal monetary” said Bashir the chairman of Somalia’s central Bank in a press conference.

On the other hand the chairman has added that Somalia is on negotiation with international countries and the IMF on how Somalia can have a single monetary unit.

The administration of Puntland has not yet given back reaction to the chairman’s comments.

Radio Dalsan


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