Somalia: Alshabab fighters ambush Kenyan troops casualty details sketchy


Alshabab fighters have on Saturday morning attacked a Kenyan military convoy traveling in between Elade and Dhamase locations in Gedo region, southwest of the Somali capital Mogadishu.Alshabaab in Kenya (5)The  combat was going on for more than an hour according to the local residents in the area reported.

“It was immediately after daybreak when we heard the exchange of heavy fight and we latter on found out that it was between the Alshabab fighters and the Kenyan troops, we actually don’t know how much is the casualties between the two sides, but for sure there must be casualties of both death and injuries” said Hassan Gabow a resident in Likori village which is the village.

On the other hand the Alshabab fighters have ambushed auxiliary Kenyan troops, who left Elade village, and the casualties of this side also remains sketchy.

The Alshabab fighters have lost several important towns in south and central somalia, but have not stopped their ambush tactics and suicide attacks in major towns in the country.

Source: Mareeg


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