Somaliland: Ruling Party Schedules Central Council Conference for November (Videos)


Mr. Musa Behi Abdi, the Chairman of the Ruling Party of the Republic of Somaliland – Kulmiye, today, announced that the party’s  Central Council convention will be held on10 November 2015 at a joint press conference he held with the Vice President H.E. Abdirahman Sayli’i, on behalf of the President and government.The Chairman, speaking to the press, after the end of a series of meetings the party leadership held with the President of RoS, H.E. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamloud “Siilaanyo” and the VP for the past two days, asked members of the Council to prepare well for the upcoming, long-awaited event.

“Come brimming with ideas, with policy strategies, with contributions of substance to party, to country and to yourselves,” he said.

The Chairman stated that they arrived at this new date after lengthy consultations with the Godfather and Founder, erstwhile Chairman of the Party, the incumbent President.

“The announcement of the Ruling party’s conference date should bring to an end all speculation on the issue – negative or otherwise,” he said.

Briefly touching on the recent fiasco at the House of Representatives that starkly highlighted the indignities inherent of unbridled emotions, the Chairman deplored the unfettered support Waddani opposition party rank and file  lent Chairman, also, the House Speaker of the HoR.

“The support shown by Waddani officers to the House Speaker who started the fistfight with his Deputy only lays bare how intolerant the Presidential hopeful – Waddani Chairman and House Speaker of Parliament – really is,” he said.

Chairman Behi, also, blasted Hassan sheikh of the Mogadishu administration for words that many termed as “naive” and “self-deceiving” when he said at the recent Mogadishu meeting of Somalia federal states on their road map “Somaliland is principally part of this process and it is a matter of time when it will join us as we are technically exploring the means together”.

The Chairman said Hassan and his elk should know that his words, attitude are insulting and offending as they are false and of no substance, citing a stanza from a poem of Sayyed Muhammed Abdullah Hassan to that effect.

“Somaliland is a sovereign state and needs nothing whatsoever from him (Hassan Sheikh) and his likes and that 97% of the public overwhelmingly voted for it,” he said.


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