Somaliland: Hargeisa Deputy Mayor holds talks with Sheffield Mayor


It is said that he received a formal invitation from Sheffield mayor Mr Talib Hussain and they talked about the two towns to become twined.unnamedThey also discussed ways to establish first ties between the local council of Hargeisa and its counterpart of Sheffield.

The two mayors have had the time to further talk about ways of cooperating on health and water.

Mr. Abdiasis has submitted a report to Mr Talib Hussain of the areas that Hargeisa needs to be supported.

Mr Talib Hussain has promised on his side to fully support Hargeisa on major areas.

Assistant Hargeisa mayor had the chance to embark on tour to Mandella hall in Sheffield.

This is the second meeting that the deputy mayor had with Sheffield mayor.

Mr. Abdiasis has thanked the Sheffield council for the recognition of Somaliland.

He also thanked the mayor of Sheffield for the cordial reception and warm welcome that he has been accorded.

Somaliland is a country unrecognized by the int’l community and its people are well known of electing individuals without proven track record or on the basis of their education.

The deputy mayor is someone who does not know what government is all about.

Somaliland complains corruption but the people are pleased to choose corrupt or thieves and we vilify them.

Town halls in the country are places were corruption is rampant.

Once president Silanyo assumed office he promptly created a commission tasked to eliminate corruption from his gov’t.


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