Somalia: Galmudug state holds crisis meeting over renewed Al-Shabaab threat


alllshbbvvvm111qqqqqAl-shabaab militants have intensified efforts to spread their wings in Mudug region days after taking over Amaara town.

Reports indicate the militants are in heightened military activity in the region with sources saying their next target being Ba’aadweyn town which is located 3km from Amara town.

Local militia are now controlling Ba’aadweyn and since they cannot match the firepower of the militants, elders have sent an urgent appeal for reinforcement from the Galmudug state.

This comes a day after the Galmudug state administration held a crisis meeting yesterday over the increasing threat from Al-shabaab.

The State’s minister for information Dahir Farah Sidow held a press conference in Adaado yesterday where he said they will send troops to the Ba’adweyn to in order to protect it from Al-shabaab take over and ultimately reclaim Amaara from them.


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