Dutch militant ‘journalist’ terrorizes others, spurns hand feeding him


He is an avowed anti-Christian, anti-establishment (Somalia, Somaliland, Ethiopia, Djibouti, etc) and a confirmed blackmailer cloaked in a journalist’s mantle.De Somalische journalist Dahir Alasow wordt met de dood bedreigd.He waves a Dutch passport and Dutch Press cards around when he is shedding aggressor’s crocodile tears hoodwinking the EU laws for protection – a safe haven to cower under when is cornered.  What is little known by the Dutch secret services is that this character is always on the prowl for ‘soft-touch’ victims to blackmail. What is little known to the EU and Dutch agencies is that the man is a pariah among media practitioners because of  his illiteracy, scan educational background, blood-smeared past, concocted lies, invented background, secret relations with Al-Shabaab and continued support of militants of every kind.

What is little known to European counter-terrorism agencies is the true purpose of his frequent visits to the East African country of Uganda – a stone’s throw away from Somalia where the militant group Al-Shabaab is based. Given their amorphous, chameleon-like nature and freedom of mobility across country boundaries in the past, this character would have been, to them, easier than a sitting duck as a target, that is, if they so wished.

What is little known to the secret service agencies or the Dutch Embassy in Uganda is how he truly spends his time in Uganda, who pays for his lavish parties, board and lodging and travel expenses when he is supposedly being fed by the Dutch taxpayer as a refugee.

Soft-skinned desperado

He is always on the attack but has no stomach for the smallest retaliation. He throws punches but cannot take one.

Within a week of an article written of his shenanigans by one lady writer (Journalism pirate Alasaw’s clumsy efforts to splinter Somaliland unity along clan lines), he exposed his true, predatory nature once more by attacking the owners and/or editors of almost every Somali website that published it to coerce them to take down the piece.Untitled-1His ploy worked with some, failed with others.

As shown in the screenshots below, he called at least three of them “gay” – an epithet that he knows is repugnant and anti-Islamic to all Somalis and Muslims, revealing, perhaps, his much-rumored closet homosexuality.

Baleful Anti-Christian

The man secured political asylum on the grounds that he was fleeing for his life, and that he was being hunted down by an Al-Shabaab  on hot pursuit.

He was given a sympathetic ear and housed and fed by a traditionally Christian society. And, yet, he shows he how detestable, distasteful  is Christianity to him.

Of him, he said “He bragged of being a Christian“, and, again ” the damned ******** hopes that those claiming to be Somali Christians on Facebook would whisk him off abroad“.

He accuses one of his victims – a young, upcoming and talented journalist on turning ‘Christian’ to appease his true masters the Al-Shabaab. To the ‘neo-Dutch’ ex-robber/killer, Christianity is among the repertoire of ‘revilements‘ he has in store to bombard victims with.

Sinister Extremist

On his attack on the owner of Somali TV station, Universal, Ahmed Abukar, he accuses him of conspiring with an Ethiopian TV station against the outlUniversal ONLFawed  militant Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) waging an armed opposition against Ethiopian authority in the Somali-inhabited Zone five region in Eastern Ethiopia.

The screenshot says:

Universal TV made a habit of working for colonialist Ethiopia after it played a song insulting the leader of the liberation front ONLF.

“Ahmedey (Ahmed) Abuukar emerges as an Ethiopian spy but we tell him let Jigjiga and Ethiopia watch (get an eyeful of) you.

“Viva ONLF freedom fighters and all of those who support it..

This again shows that he is on the side of extremism and militancy as he is anti-establishment, anti- law-and-order.

SL Journalists
In this posting, he depicts UCID Presidential candidate Jamal Ali Hussein and Abdi Anshah of the Horn Stars as ‘Ethiopians’ (as if being an Ethiopian was an insult), denying them their true nationalities as ‘Somalilanders’

Nowadays, his attention is now fully trained on Somaliland: its government, its politicians, its musicians, etc.

Of late,  he did not only embark on a destabilization campaign against the Republic, but he has, also, singled out politicians such as Kulmiye leader Musa Behi, Jamal Ali Hussein and the renowned band – the Horn Stars, calling them names, inventing stories about them and recruiting more and more ‘pretty boys’ in Somaliland to feed him tidbits – what he calls ‘inside information’ –  about the country.

If the Netherlands government and the EU law enforcement agencies do not take expedient measures to – at least – take this character to account for his irrefutable words and actions, there may come a day that he leads Al-Shabaab and ISIS to their doorsteps.

Likewise, the Ethiopian government, using its embassy in the Hague and the courts should serve a formal writ against him for fomenting strife and instability in the Federal Republic of Ethiopia.

Tedesse Haile-Mariam

United States


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