Somaliland:The Demise of Paradise Ministries!!!


Looking back at the recent days, what is salient is how president Silanyo ends the game of unforgotten ministers.

Mr. President, you took a decision that is binding Somalilanders more closely together rather than driving them further apart and using your mind during such times is the only way you may be safe of any debacles you have in your hand. Paradise ministers forgotten that you are veteran politician who rolls back his political foundation.

Mr. President you closed the door queue of your office and resident where group loyalists knocking the door even in the dead of the night asking for positions, contracts and favors. You allow them to die because they deceive you,but their children are still in the system.

Mr. President time has come for Somaliland’s aspirations and you restored a political process that is based on cooperation and compromise.Resgined_from_Top_Left_ministers__Hirsi_Mohamed_Behi_Abdiwahid_Abdirazaq_Aideed_and_Ms_Qawdan_hadhwanaag_Since president Silanyo have been elected by Somaliland citizens, these sects took the key positions of influence with the government and create a political space for their followers demand in the name of the clan to the government portfolios by changing the way people value to form a small high quality government where the right person in the right place. Many ministries, DGs and head of government agencies came to this group’s political formula. They set of practices for domination based on partisan interests that began with the internal takeover and run most of the government duties.

The opportunist group shaped the course of Somaliland’s ongoing political arena by firing more influential minister who was opposed to their political ideology. They hunt to the key ministries whose intellect refused to talk personal interest because of knowing that the public is behind them. They come against any member cabinet that got public respect and admired his achievement like Hussein Hoog, Dr. Mohamed Abdillahi, Boobe Yusuf and Mr. Mohamed Hashi Elmi – a man who devoted his life and energy to deliver the promises of Kulmiye party which is improving the life conditions of the government staff and the accessibility of nation’s free primary education.

The political foundation of Somaliland has been poisoned by this splinter group by making Somaliland not to be strong, united and caring for all. They allow Somaliland split into tribal fiefdoms each of which is bent to destroy one another. Somaliland seemed hesitating as the neighboring countries closed their doors and refused due to the members of the cabinet from the “New Blood Party” using the umbrella of the government and refused to support morally or materially. The ways in this group seeks to shape the course of Somaliland’s ongoing political process remain to be seen.

After prolonged period of political dominance, their political formula was left behind the leadership team of the ruling party. The Kulmiye party appeared to be tightly controlled from the outside and reality their effective authority reached very far where the chairman forced to resign to be the next presidential candidate wanting that the part to collapse and disappear. Their composition, character and approach led the loss of optimism and public respect to the ruling part. The result was shifting many, intellectuals, profesionals and political elites to other opposition parts. Their political strategy was become outdated and remains to be seen by the mujahidis.

The Mujahidis seems not to have forgotten the hard lesson that passing and revamping their political strategy.They remained calm and cautious and refused anger, hate or emotions decide their political future. That is smartness, not cowardice and it is super intelligence.It is not a surprise then that whatever progress is made so far has to do with the determination of political experience. Their transparent political agenda designed at the onset didn’t pass the test of time.

History is for us to learn from the past and not to repeat the same mistakes once again. Mr. President, It is fortunate that as entire Somaliland nation proudly celebrated the passing of paradise ministrers, the ordinary citizens are still complaining their humiliation, hunting, hate and prejudices.Their resignation show how much little they have learned from distant and recent history of the country.

Mr. President, I urge you to proceed uniting the nation behind your leadership. It is clear that Somaliland people love peace and stability and it is important to maintain that at whatever cost.

Last but not least, I hope you that you will encourage the traditional brotherhood and propagate the love and the tranquility Somaliland people had practiced and enjoyed for centuries. This because the only way you leave a lasting honorable legacy. May Allah, the almighty bless you today, tomorrow and hereafter.

Written by :Farhan Abdi Suleiman ( Oday)


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