Somaliland’s Mandela:President Siilaanyo leaves a hero’s legacy behind


The President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo has left a legacy yet unseen in, not onlySomaliland, but the whole of the horn of African region by opting to serve only one team of his tenure hence quit while still popular. It is yet another of umpteenth unprecedent doings.President Silanyo walks TallIn announcing his decision of not defending his seat at the prime time during his tenure, the Head of State noted that he hoped that future Somaliland leaders would emulate his action, which is indeed a graceful gesture of humbleness and nobility.

In essence, the President was heeding to his own pledge which he made over six years ago in public, that he wanted and expected to emulate Africa and arguably the black world’s greatest leader the late Nelson Rohlihlala Mandela, and serve only one term.

His wish, hope and want has now come to pass, and his expectations beng realized, he has lived up to the wonderful legacy! This time round he challenged future SL leaders to show similar humbleness.

The President made the announcement during the opening of the 5thKulmiye Central Committee convention whose assembly was charged with the task of nominating the new flag-bearers of the party in the forth-coming general elections. It ran from the 10th to the 11th of Nov 2015.

President Silanyo’s stepping down thus paved the way for the nomination of Muse Bihi Abdi and H.E. AbdirahmanAbdillahi Ismael, both who happen to be the incumbent party chairman and nation’s VP respectively, as the new official candidates sponsored by the party to vie for presidency of the republic.

The VP who would be defending his seat the is chairman’s running mate.

The following day of the two day convention saw the President grace the convention once more hence addressed the audience with parting words.

He urged for the party’s unity and his lasting legacy words to the chairman was for him to “walk the extra mile” in the challenges of integrating the party hence forge unity.

Most important of the President’s words was his determination to live up to his expected humbleness and in par with noble gesture of leadership role, be impartial as concerns the three official parties, KULMIYE, Wadani and UCID, who are expected to compete for the top post in slightly over a year’s time.

The convention saw the re-election of the incumbent executives of the central committee, thus, Mr. Jama Shabeele, Hon. Mohammed Warfa and Mustafe as the chairman, deputy and secretary respectively.



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