Religious fanatic on asylum in Belgium has turned to social media to declare a fatwa on Christian Somalis whom he warned against rebuilding a Catholic Church in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu.

In his video rant, the radical Somali,  Mohamud Mohamed Arab,  described Christians as being ‘much worse’ than members of terror group Al Shabaab, responsible for thousands of deaths across East Africa.

It is thought that his online message will have much more ramification in his home country of Somalia which is going through turbulent times as the terror group continues to wage an insurgency against an internationally recognized government as well as individuals thought to be sympathizers of democracy and peace.

Arab and two of his colleagues are currently in Belgium where they are living after arriving Europe on Italian-issued asylum documents after being trafficked to Netherlands by an associate, Dahir Alasow, whom they met in Rome. From the Netherlands, another of their associates Omar Faruk Osman, in what seems to be an intricate web of trafficking, moved them to Belgium and managed to get a letter of support from an international media agency,

Their visas were issued by the Italian embassy in Kampala contradicting records in Belgium that show the trio went to the European country straight from Somalia, a fictitious situation that would surely jeopardize any chances that genuine asylum seekers would have on settling in a number of host countries across Europe.

Still in the video address, Arab warned a Somali man,  Hassan Abdulkadir Muddey, living in Sweden over his alleged involvement in the “construction” of several churches in Mogadishu. He continued to threaten the man with unspecified consequences should he continue supporting the building of churches in Somalia. Muddey was given 48 hours to abandon the project.

Arab also faulted Muddey for associating with people who are “spreading Christianity” terming this as ‘unacceptable.’

“You raped women and stole money but that is not as bad as teaching Christianity,” Arab said in his video published on the page Alasow.

Arab’s utterances create further fault lines in the delicate balance that is religious tolerance with his latest pronouncements likely to be taken as truth by his followers in Somalia and elsewhere in the world. “He is putting lives at risk when he already has peace for himself,” Jamal Hassan told Somaliupdate news . “Maybe Arab was not told Belgium is s Christian county,” he said.

Jihadists have of late taken to social media to recruit new members and spread their propaganda not only in their traditional strongholds but also in the countries that host them.

He further said “we prefer to die rather than spread Christianity.”

Arab also mentions another individual in Mogadishu, Mr Garaad Salaad Hersi – a Senior communications Advisor to the Somali PM Omar Sharmarke – whom he warned of dire consequences should he continue teaching Christianity, endangering his life further in the troubled and deeply fractured Somali capital.

In his rant, he also accuses a national organization fighting radicalization in the horn of Africa country of being a ‘Christian project out to convert more people to Christianity’

He accused Garad “you are teaching Christianity to young children.”

Investigations also show that a fee of up to 9,000 Euros was paid to Alasow, the trafficker, to ensure them safe passage into Belgium contrary to the laws of the country that hosts him.

Alasow is suspected to have a trafficking office in Uganda where people are transported to Libya and then to Europe. He travelled several times to Kampala in the past two years for underground business.

Recently a naturalized Belgium terrorist conducted a suicide attack in Iraq. He also released earlier video showing that he was “happy” in the hands of ISIS as shown in the video.

More asylum seekers have turned against the values of their host countries and have gone ahead to issue hate messages from their new homes.

By: Diini Yare


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