NGOs tell lies to get funds, says DP Ruto


Deputy President William Ruto has said the “thirst” for donor funding has made some civil society groups “compile falsehoods” to please donors.Concocted? Murang?a Senator Kembi Gitura, Murang?a Governor Mwangi Wairia, Deputy President William Ruto and Gatanga MP Humphrey NjugunaHe said some societies’ reports are inaccurate concoctions.

Ruto said some activists are more concerned about making money than minding the welfare of the country.

“We cannot allow unscrupulous individuals in the name of civil society to malign and sabotage our country in order to get donor funding,” he said.

Ruto was speaking during a church service at PCEA Kihumbu-ini Parish in Gatanga constituency.

“We want peace and harmony. As the government, we will stand firm with our security agencies so that we have a safe country,” he said.

Ruto said security agencies have done a good job of protecting citizens.

“Kenyans don’t have another country to run to. This is their home, but some of these activists can relocate and live with their masters,” he said.

Ruto said officers from the Kenya Defence Forces have put their lives on the line to defend the country from terrorists and should not be insulted.

He said the professionalism of the Kenyan army is recognised worldwide.

The Deputy President asked leaders to stop squabbling and serve the people.

“Let us give our leaders time to serve the people. We can evaluate them at the end of their term and see what they have done,” he said.



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