Racial Profiling: Arabic Speaking Men Barred From Flight


A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 passenger jet takes off at Midway Airport in Chicago, Illinois in this July 24, 2008 file photo. Southwest Airlines grounded 81 aircraft from its Boeing 737 fleet for inspection after a gaping hole in the fuselage forced one of its planes to make emergency landing in Arizona on Friday, the company said on Saturday. Southwest and Boeing engineers will inspect the aircraft to try to determine the cause, Southwest said in a statement.A Philadelphia pizza shop owner and his friend were temporarily barred from boarding a flight from Chicago’s Midway Airport on Wednesday, all because a fellow passenger said he was afraid to fly with them.

The two Palestinian-born friends had been speaking in Arabic to one another, and they called the police after a Southwest Airlines gate agent informed them that they would not be able to fly because of the other passenger’s concerns.

The flight was delayed and the pair eventually boarded after discussing with airport security and local police.



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