Somaliland: Tribalism is rotten


If we didn’t have heroes or great lyricists like the above great poet, Timacade, I would have blamed the lack of models and great brains for my people. As a devoted Muslim, I would have settled down and accept subserviently my (1)However, the Almighty bestowed my people great providences and wisdom, yet we suffer luck of it. Like Prophet Moses (PBUH) in his trip to Madyan and his cry for help (O my Lord! Truly am I in need of any good that Thou dost send me!” Qur’an, 28: 24). I follow suit and recite the supplication of Prophet Moses (PBUH): O my lord! Truly we are in need of any good Thou dost send us.

However, My fear is: Our supplications, will they ever be granted?

I prayed in Masjid Huda in EastLeigh, Nairobi quite some time back. Hundreds of Somalis poured into the Mosque, washed out all the minor sins (insha Alllah) and performed the obligatory Assar prayer. They all faced Allah bowed down, praised him and put their forehead on the floor. They commended and prayed to Allah countless iterates. After I left the Masjid, I whispered to myself did the Almighty actually granted our prayers? The notion of that Allah, might have not accepted our prayers occurred in my mind. I brushed off this, as “was waas” of Satan. But it kept coming and I could not take it out from my mind. I have decided to deal with it instead of pushing down to my subconscious or ignoring it. The idea really disturbed me.

Not far from the masjid, still contemplating, I have met a dear friend of mine and I shared my thoughts with him. He laughed and asked me back; “ You wonder? ”But I am almost certain”, he continued, It is not accepted, at least for most of us”

I was relieved; not that we are rejected, but simply getting an answer. However, I was surprised by his conviction. How can you be so sure? I contended. Only Allah can tell that, right?

With smile on his, typical Somali oval face, coupled with authority, he reminded me the story of the old traveller who begged Allah and, his prayers were never granted. For, his food, clothing and shelter were all ‘Haram. So how will Allah (SW) accept the “dua” from such a person?

That is the Somali situation brother. He continued, but this time in a melancholy. The smile on face faded and glare of his eyes became somber. We both fall silent. No more words about that. Then Suddenly, I got the second bad thought of: We might never be admitted to Jannah then? But never shared that idea with him. I was afraid he might say; emphatic yes, with the same certainty and the same good proof he just provided.

I have decided to change subject and went on to worldly matters I was there for that day.

Let us have cab of coffee, he invited. We went to Sharif’s mall and got Somali tea with Camel milk. Very nice and taste tea. Only in Somali restaurants will you find that kind of tea. We sipped and enjoyed with African ever-warm weather.

Around us , there were full or Somalis of all walks. In small groups, they sat and talked about two main subject: Politics and tribalism. We could not avoid overhearing some of the conversations. It is all about tribalism and politics. Luckily, we were friends but from different regions of Somalia. We both felt bad about the conversations. We didn’t condemn them but pitted for them. For, they were ignorant.

Un-ease, as the place became, we stood up without finishing our tea. We paid and walked away. “Will Allah accept our prayers, Hussein? He asked. I didn’t reply. Just kept talking about business.

Epics of great wisdom like “Dugsi ma leh Qabyaaladi waxay dumiso mooyaane “do comfort me. I just chanted the whole verse with load voice, not close to the Timacade’s idiosyncratic melody but good enough to lit up my dull evening.

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